Busy January at Lobo HR

We had a very busy January. The time for summarising 2018 – a good year in the conscious Lobo development. The time when Lobo HR Development Strategy 2019 was presented. The month of carrying out Performance Appraisals – of rises, promotions and many moments inviting analyses, deliberation, conclusions, but also heartfelt congratulations.

We had a good and busy year. Abundant in challenges and very successful. The year of achieving our budget plan (99.166% of our adopted financial goal), the year of a very dynamic development of our branch in Katowice (goal achieved in 138.66%), the year of a stable operation of our Gdynia team (plan achieved in 100.33%). It was a very dynamic year that taught us how to react quickly and maturely to many scenarios co-created by the labour market.

We would like to thank all Lobo Employees who contributed and still contribute each day to all our huge and small successes! Without you, your commitment and your excellent ideas, there would be no Lobo!

We have ambitious plans of exceeding goals in 2019 before us. And we have already scored our first successes! On Friday, we will run a Webinar summarizing the magnificent January 2019 at Lobo 😉 I won’t divulge any details, but I will tell you this: We are on the crest of a wave – or, if you will – on a snowy mountain top, with our skis on 🙂 Good luck in February!