Offer for Employee - personal counseling and job placement

Looking for a job is a difficult and stressful experience for many people. Candidates who appear in Lobo HR very often stress that only after having a conversation with our consultant did they start to look for a job in a more informed and systematic way with a well thought-through plan.

Lobo HR provides personal consulting services and Candidates registered in our database may count on professional support and care at every stage of the Lobo recruitment process in which they are involved. Having verified the application a consultant may draw a professional resume, analyse job offers which are adequate to the competences of the Candidate, give advice on how to prepare for the job interview, discover strong and weak points of the prospective Employee and take them through the whole process till the first day in the new job or even the end of the trial period.

P.S. Comparing to other recruiters with whom I have exchanged correspondence or talked to and who are also interested in my candidature, I would like to stress that the quality of your service is at the highest level. The contact is fast, and the information concerning meetings is detailed and well presented. Not to mention the meetings reminders. First class service 🙂

Marcin M, Construction Engineer

A lot of concrete offers, competent consultants, professional service.

Justyna, Database Administrator

I had been looking for a job over half a year before I learned from the Lobo  impression I had made on interviewers.

Gabriela, Junior Accountant

Lobo HR Consultant helped me to find a job in 3 weeks, everything went very smoothly and professionally. I recommend services of this company.

Karolina, Management Board Assistant

I sent hundreds of CVs but no one called. I didn’t know it was chaotic and instead of encouraging employers it put them off. A recruiter at Lobo advised me how to write a good resume, what to change, what to expand on and after a week I had an appointment with an interviewer. I highly recommend Lobo HR!

Dariusz, Sales Representative

Quickly, smoothly and professionally. I strongly recommend it.

Ania, Specialist with German

I have been cooperating with Lobo HR for a few months and I recommend this company. I am a student and I am looking for temporary jobs which I can do while studying at the same time. Lobo consultant fills in all the gaps in my schedule perfectly.

Konrad, Student

I found a better job with Lobo HR.

Adrian, Process Engineer