130 km/h, a motorway, 90 km from the office, on their way to meet with a Customer and… a car breakdown: (Composure in a crisis situation is crucial. With our experienced Consultants, goal orientation prevailed.

An agreement with the new Customer is concluded. The Candidate prepared for the meeting, recruitment project report sent, and relaxing on a tow truck after the job well done – priceless:)

Well done, Lobo – Girls, you are unstoppable! Customers and Candidates can always count on you!

A relationship with a shop assistant at our favourite local store ensures she will make a mysterious face to advise us on what to choose. Good relations with our neighbours allow us to count on more understanding for parties we give or renovations we carry out.

But what about relationships being part of a recruiter’s work? Are they costs or benefits? To this question, like to many others, there is no straight answer.

A recruiter builds two basic types of relationships: with Customers and with Candidates. Each type is defined differently and has different consequences, but they both come down to building trust and loyalty.

It takes commitment, time and understanding for a recruiter to establish relationships with a Customer. It does not mean that the recruiter must be available for this Customer at all times, but that rules regarding mutual respect and understanding should be set. To be firm, such a relationship must be based, apart from respect, on trust, which we may gain only with our expertise and professional advice in an ongoing or planned recruitment process. Therefore, we must continuously broaden our knowledge and expand our areas of interest. Our Customers will be more willing to trust us if we explain that a given process will be difficult and will take some time, giving matter-of-fact arguments and showing we know the subject, rather than if we blindly promise to find the right Candidate almost at once.

Customers know their sectors and most usually they are also aware of limitations resulting therefrom, so if a recruitment process would be easy, they would carry it out themselves. With a recruiter being their partner, Customers gain also an advisor with whom they can talk about their doubts concerning Candidates without fear of impure intentions. They can trust in the professionalism and expertise of a person who deals with recruitment every day and has a lot of experience honed during multiple recruitment processes completed.

If we manage to build such relationships, it will become very likely that, after a time, Customers will trust us enough to make us their only third-party recruitment support engaged for all recruitment processes, and as they will not use their own resources, they will save time and, ultimately, money.

Building this kind of relationship, even though a very difficult task, is a perfect situation providing mutual benefits. We, as recruiters, build our professional position and stability while also broadening our knowledge, and our Customers can be sure that they will receive an expert support and save funds. It proves that a relationship so defined is a benefit that requires some costs.

Another type of relationships built by recruiters comprises relationships with Candidates. These relationships also require incurring costs to gain benefits. But what is our benefit here? We cannot count on a Candidate who has two proposals to choose from to accept ours despite its worse working conditions, based only on the relationship and trust that we have built. Of course, I am referring here to two proposals with most variables equal but, for instance, different locations of the new workplace. On the other hand, an unquestionable advantage of a good relationship with a Candidate is the elimination of the element of surprise. When we talk to our Candidate honestly and openly, ask also difficult questions and accept answers that may not be convenient for us, in return we may expect the Candidate to timely meet his/her obligations as well as something most important for our work – an open communication if a counterproposal occurs. It will enable us to beat this proposal by renegotiating terms of employment with the Customer, but it will also allow us to get ready for the Candidate’s possible withdrawal from the process and have other Candidates up our sleeves.

Such a relationship is mutually beneficial as well. Each of us when being a Candidate particularly appreciates information about our current status in the recruitment process. We all firmly declare that we would rather know that we are no longer considered for the job than receive no feedback at all. Surely, it requires a recruiter to act systematically and sometimes to make dozens of phone calls during the project and after its completion – for which we never have enough time. But it allows us to come back to our Candidates knowing that even if our cooperation has not been successful before, they will be willing to talk to us again and participate in another process.

As it has been assumed at the beginning, there is no straight answer to the question whether building relationships should be considered a cost or a benefit. Many variables have an impact on our choice of the type of relationships, but I think arguments given above prove that benefits outweigh costs, so it is worth it.

Author: Natalia Pytel – Recruitment and Sales Specialist – LOBO HR

Sweat suits have ruled at Lobo Katowice branch today;)

We have started the day with a decent warm-up. Trotting, swings, star jumps, squatting, leaps, jumps and lots of great fun.

The day so started can only be a good one!

Because we are strong!

No company’s success is possible without its people’s success. No team’s success is possible without Teams.

Lobo HR has carried out a Teamness Survey among its Employees. 

100% of Lobo Employees find the atmosphere in their teams to be very good! Our employees simply like each other:)

We are all dedicated to building our common Lobo, we share common goals and believe in our Superiors.

Lobo Employees know how to stimulate and support one another. But most of all, they are very committed to their everyday work and to the work of their teams.

Dear guys, thanks a lot for taking part in the survey.

Thank you for you everyday commitment and splendid work. It is you who make Lobo such a wonderful place to work at and such a great company.

Leading such teams is a real honour and a great pleasure!

Well done, Lobo!

Each of us took part in the recruitment process and wondered, as a Candidate or Employer, what in the case of this particular position will be, or is prioritized: experience, skills, completed projects, references and maybe soft competences. Which of these aspects will help choose the right person?

Today I would like to consider with you whether emotional intelligence can be the most important competence in the labour market and whether it has a decisive impact on the quality of the work done. According to Daniel Goleman (American psychologist and author of the bestseller “Emotional Intelligence”), emotional intelligence includes the ability to understand, manage and control oneself and one’s own emotions. It is the ability of self-motivation, empathy and social skills.

Emotional intelligence includes three key psychological competences – self relations, social – relations with others and praxeological competences (actions), i.e. the ability to perform tasks, actions and challenges. To make it easier for us to analyse the subject I will give examples of psychological competences: self-awareness, self-control, self-assessment, social: empathy, persuasion, leadership, cooperation and praxeological: conscientiousness, adaptation, motivation.

According to World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report ( Emotional intelligence will be one of the 10 most important skills preferred by Employers in the coming years.

Why is emotional intelligence so highly rated among Employers around the world? Well, people who are emotionally intelligent:

  1. Are able to manage stress levels and are less likely to fall into emotional extremes – full emotional awareness and high self-control.
  2. Are able to cooperate more effectively with other team members – skilful cooperation.
  3. Put their needs aside, listening to the needs of others in order to react so that everyone in their company feels heard and understood – developed empathy.
  4. Are more open to feedback, especially if they could significantly improve their performance. Know the goals and strive to achieve them – optimal motivation.
  5. Quickly find themselves in a new environment, flexibly react to changing conditions and adapt to them – adaptation skills.
  6. They can set an example for others, because their influence and ability to talk will make them imitated by others. They remain assertive, draw the line and stick to their own assumptions – mature leadership.
  7. They are able to make better assessments and take into account how their decisions will affect others – correct self-assessment.

How can we improve our EQ (emotional intelligence)?

  1. Don’t react hastily, give yourself time to think and analyse the situation.
  2. Think about how your decision will affect the situation of other team members/cooperators.
  3. Show empathy, listen to others and observe their reactions.
  4. Talk to yourself every day and learn from your mistakes. Spend at least 5/10 minutes a day in dialogue with yourself and learn yourself – practice as regularly as you do in the gym – if you do, that is 😉
  5. Share ideas or motivate others.
  6. Stay calm, in times of crisis.
  7. Exercise your body language/speech, which can significantly affect your relationship with others.

Conclusions: In my career as a recruiter I meet many different personalities. I talk to people who are more and less open. Some show empathy, react calmly, others do not allow themselves to analyse, and their reaction is hasty and often has a negative impact on our business relationship. It is very different with every person, but if I could imagine a conversation with an ideal interlocutor, it would certainly be a person with a high level of emotional intelligence.

Summarizing all the recruitment processes I have completed or those I have talked about with clients, I find that more and more companies are looking not only for employees but also for “personalities”. These are people who are supposed to find themselves in a team and have a positive impact on its development.

I am pleased that Employers, apart from: experience, budget execution, completed projects, references, etc., more and more often pay attention to something beyond that. Companies start to notice the whole process of achieving professional results rather than the final result alone in the form of a quota or profit. Candidates with less experience but developed personality values and emotional maturity are appreciated and then trained in practical skills.

According to Goleman, “At most 20% of life’s success depends on the IQ. Then there is still 80 per cent of other interactions – a group of factors called emotional intelligence” (Gordon Dryden, Jeanette Vos, Revolution in Learning, ed. Moderski i S-ka, Poznań 2000, transl. Bożena Jóźwiak, p. 140).


  4. file:///C:/Users/Pracownik/Downloads/ZZL(HRM)_2013_1(90)_Baczynska_A_Gorniak_M_87-97.pdf


Author: Marieta Rejkowska- Sales and Recruitment Consultant – Lobo HR.

Lobo HR team from Gdynia integrated last Sunday in the sunshine of the beautiful Adler Resort Spa in Kashubia.The girls used water attractions, sports and beauty treatments.

Once again, the rule has definitely proved its worth:Integration as a proven way to make a good team! It is known that the development of each company is directly related to the need to develop team members; strengthening relations between employees and spending time together effectively strengthens the company’s structures.

The consultants in Gdynia are motivated and smiling, while their daily duties, contacts with Candidates and Clients are even more professional 😉

The team from Gdynia is eagerly awaiting the next trip and a lot of common attractions.


On 10 April, Lobo Operations Director, Sylwia Chwastyk-Kolasa, conducted a workshop for students of the University of Economics. The students learned how to recruit salespeople:)

The workshop involved recruitment tools, tests, behavioral interview forms, scenes, task baskets, AC elements. There was a verification of non-verbal communication and an attempt to select applications created for the workshop. The students together with Lobo have selected the best salespeople for recruiting. A lot of knowledge, and a lot of fun at that 🙂


Recently, we’ve looked into almost two hundred Linkedin profiles belonging to people who took part in our surveys. The purpose of the research, carried out by an expert with many years of experience in the field of developing a brand on the job market, was to ascertain whether social media profiles on the abovementioned sites meet market standards. Persons taking part in the research received analyses of their profiles along with suggestions for possible changes. The research also gave rise to some general conclusions and guidelines in the scope of keeping a profile on Linkedin. In this article, I would like to share these conclusions and guidelines.

  • Photo

A photograph isn’t a crucial element of your profile, however, it is recommended that you have one. It can have a positive impact on the general perception of your profile, however if not taken by a professional, it can have the opposite effect.

In order for the picture to look professional, you should, of course, take care to look well groomed and well dressed, at the same time keeping in mind your surroundings. The best choice will be a working environment, office, or a neutral background that will not affect the photo’s perception. Pictures taken in eveningwear, family photos with children or taken at parties are generally not perceived as well. Your potential employer expects their employees to behave professionally and be able to separate their private and professional lives.

Most of the profiles examined during the research had a profile picture. In most cases, these were fully professional, we had no reservations about them. Profile owners seem to have no problems in this respect.

  • Profile language

Not everybody knows that Linkedin allows for a profile to be kept in two languages. This option is available in the profile view, at the right side:


If your goal is to maximise the profile’s exposure and have it displayed after typing phrases in different languages (e.g. Polish and English), it’s worth to use this function and have two language versions of your profile. Remember that not all recruiters work with the Language you keep your profile in. If a recruiter is used to searching for candidates in English and your profile is in Polish, they may not find it at all. Additionally, if a recruiter is looking for a person who can communicate fluently in let’s say, English, they will naturally focus more on searching out and analysing profiles kept in that language.

The profiles we analysed were slightly skewed towards Polish, with profiles in English being kept mostly by people working in the IT, SEO, and, for example, Fintech industries.

  • Career summary

A career summary is one of the most important elements of the profile and at the same time one that is most often neglected. It is an element that should include key information about your previous achievements and the current direction of your professional development, as well as indicate the positions you’re interested in at a given point in your career. One common mistake is to abridge professional experience in the summary section or omit the direction of future development.

A lack of summary or one that does not include the abovementioned information may make it more difficult for the recruiter to make the right decision, particularly if the description of your professional experience, included further down in the profile, is also incomplete. This results from the fact that other parts of the profile speak only of the history of your professional life and don’t have the space to indicate the direction you’re interested in taking. The summary can therefore indicate for example: the industry, position, and scope of obligations you’re interested in. Additionally, this is a good place to describe your main competences and strong suits. The professional summary is the place to put your creativity to use to present yourself from your best side and indicate the direction of development you’re interested in. It’s not uncommon to have professional experience show one thing and plans for the future be completely unrelated.

While preparing a professional summary, it’s worth to consider this element from one more perspective. Namely, it is a place where you can use words that do not fit with the other parts of the profile and which will help display it in search results, should the recruiter look for potential candidates using these particular words. In this sense, you should regard words as key phrases or even hashtags.


Let’s assume that you work at a production company as an engineer. However, you would like to develop professionally not only as an engineer, but also in the field of establishing business relations. In general, you like to interact with people and feel like sales is your strong suit. Additionally, you know several sales engineers, you know what this line of work entails, and decided that you would like to give it a shot. This intention is a good example of information that you will not place in the professional experience sections, but should definitely include in the professional summary. Therefore, it’s worth to write a few sentences about you seeing your own sales potential and your next professional challenge being to start working as a “sales engineer”.

“Sales engineer” will be the key phrase that will let your profile be seen by all those searching for candidates for this position. It’s worth to include such key phrases in your profile in the exact way the recruiter will enter them in the search engine. In this particular case, it would be good to write “work as as a sales engineer” instead of e.g. “work in sales engineering” in the professional summary section. I’m not certain how correct it would be in other languages, but it’s certainly correct in terms of the intended function of the phrase. A question remains, whether Linkedin will even display profiles where the phrase “sales engineering” is used if we type in “sales engineer” in the search engine – from what I remember – confirmed by a quick test a moment ago – it seems that it will. Did any of you test this thoroughly?

  • Professional experience

Most important information that should be included in this part is of course your employer (and all the previous ones), position, exact (at least to a month) date of beginning and ending your employment, and a detailed description of your day-to-day duties.

A detailed description of duties in any position provides a wealth of knowledge for recruiters and allows them to quickly and accurately evaluate your profile in terms of their recruitment project. Along with a well made professional summary, the scope of duties is the most important element of your profile. It’s the place where you inform everyone what exactly you were doing in individual positions, and therefore, what exactly is your professional experience. You should remember that in different organisations, a position of the same name can mean something entirely different. It’s therefore worth it to describe your professional duties as widely as you can without fear of exaggerating. It is best to apply the rule that writing too much is preferable to writing too little. You should remember that the recruiters suffer more from having too little information than from having too much of it.


Position: Business Development Manager. Responsibilities: Generating sales leads by cold calls, cold visits, participating in fairs and conferences, and preparing and executing email campaigns. Market monitoring, both in regards to customers and competition. Proposing a sales strategy in regards to the company’s services. Independent implementation of the agreed upon sales strategy and authorisation to negotiate and enter into sales contracts. Responsibility for achieving predetermined quarterly and annual sales targets. Work on the basis of predetermined KPIs. Reporting to the Business Development Director. Recruitment and training of the sales department employees.

It’s also worth to add tangible effects of your work at a given position (e.g. increasing sales by 15%, average target achievement of 120%, effective introduction of a new product on the market, decreasing costs connected with sales processes), as well as the awards and distinctions you achieved.

A lack of a description of a position often disqualifies your profile in the recruiter’s eyes, who will quickly move on to another, properly filled in, profile. You need to remember that the devil is in the details, and a precise description of the scope of duties brings those details to light (at least in part), which will greatly simplify profile analysis and increase the probability of the recruiter contacting you with a properly tailored job offer. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised to receive unsuitable offers or none at all, if your profile isn’t described adequately.

  • Education

This element of the profile is usually filled-in perfectly, basic information about education is included in practically every profile. At the same time however, it is a very simple element that doesn’t require long descriptions, as well as relatively unimportant to recruiters. My professional experience as well as research we did in that respect indicate that the education field is considered unimportant by profile owners and recruiters both (links to research below). Of course, this doesn’t mean that this part of the profile should be left empty. Graduating from a tertiary education institution is often a standard and it’s worth to show that you maintain this standard. It’s unusual, but you can find employers for whom graduating in a given field of study or from a particular school is a necessary requirement.

  • Skills/recommendations

Having skills confirmed by co-workers is definitely overlooked. From the recruiter’s perspective, this is not an error, because it’s not an issue that only depends on the profile’s owner, but it’s definitely worth the time and effort to develop this element. A recommendation may be seen as an advantage over other potential candidates, so it’s not worth it to underestimate it. A recruiter sees the possibility to have competencies confirmed by other people as extremely valuable. I mean, it’s only natural that we are more likely to trust people and companies that have been recommended to us by other people. If it turns out additionally that the recommending party is someone we know, the value of such a recommendation may increase dramatically.

  • Linkedin profile vs CV

The differences between LinkedIn profiles and CVs we recruiters receive are steadily decreasing. Linkedin standardises profiles so that they include all the information usually found in CVs. Of course, a text editor will still give you a lot more freedom in the scope of creating a CV, however for 95% of people, the format offered by Linkedin is sufficient. For a recruiter, a Linkedin profile has several huge advantages over a CV: (1) it is standardised, in contrast to various methods of writing a CV, (2) it shows mutual contacts which make it easier to obtain additional information about the person we’re looking into, (3) it more often includes recommendations and usually shows a larger scope of skills.

Combination of design and modern architecture, integrated into a picturesque landscape of Lake Rożnowskie – this is where Lobo Top Performers were relaxing :).

The boutique-like nature of the place, a cosy atmosphere and luxurious SPA, an oasis of relax.

Marieta has already been welcomed in the office. She has returned to work abounding in enthusiasm.

All Magda’s thoughts are still with a snowboard, on the top of Jaworzyna Krynicka. And, here, the desk is waiting, the coffee in the kitchen is waiting, but it is difficult to come back to reality.

Another Lobo Top Performer – is already packing bags. Lemon Resort SPA is awaiting Oliwia.

Such gifts only from Lobo 🙂

Next surprises ahead of us – again, 5 excellent hotels are waiting for the Most Effective Lobo HR Consultants. And 1Q is already over. The competition has quickened its pace.

You cannot manage people without knowing them. You cannot expect successes without rewarding.  With this motto, we decided to reward the successes of Our Employees in a special way – spectacular and small ones. We invite our Consultants for dinner. Not an ordinary dinner, but the Dinner with the Boss.

A real feast for the palate on the menu, accompanied by the President of the Management Board or the Operations Director – to choose from. As it turned out, it is easier to choose the dinner than the company, but this time Sara chose a “ladies’ night”.


It was very tasty and very pleasant. Now, the President is waiting for someone to choose him 🙂

The 9th edition of Wolves Summit started on 18.03. The international conference gathering startups, investors, representatives of corporations and programmers from over 50 countries around the world.

We were there 🙂

We talked about automation in the recruitment industry, and the event is already behind us.

Nothing compares to starting your day with a morning cup of coffee… and discussion on fashion.

Lobo HR invited its Employees to talk about self-presentation and image analysis. We discussed business dress code, current market trends, exchanged insights regarding style, cut, accessories and colours. A very nice and busy beginning of the week.

We began March – loudly, cheerfully, colourfully and with bounce!

We had closed February with our budget plans exceeded, we had exceeded branch goals, personal goals. Our Region North and Region South both had many reasons to celebrate.

There were balloons and great fun 😉

There were layer cakes and confection

There were flowers, gifts

And three marvelous Consultants joining the Lobo Team 🙂

We enter March with impetus and energy only Lobo can have!

On idyllic Thursday morning the Lobo-Katowice team was greeted with… a quiz.

The company had implemented a new, original tool for checking Candidates’ skills related to organising their own work and ability to prioritise. No implementation can do without tests, so part of the Katowice team was asked to participate in one.

We do hope they will not prove… disorganised 🙂

We had a very busy January. The time for summarising 2018 – a good year in the conscious Lobo development. The time when Lobo HR Development Strategy 2019 was presented. The month of carrying out Performance Appraisals – of rises, promotions and many moments inviting analyses, deliberation, conclusions, but also heartfelt congratulations.

We had a good and busy year. Abundant in challenges and very successful. The year of achieving our budget plan (99.166% of our adopted financial goal), the year of a very dynamic development of our branch in Katowice (goal achieved in 138.66%), the year of a stable operation of our Gdynia team (plan achieved in 100.33%). It was a very dynamic year that taught us how to react quickly and maturely to many scenarios co-created by the labour market.

We would like to thank all Lobo Employees who contributed and still contribute each day to all our huge and small successes! Without you, your commitment and your excellent ideas, there would be no Lobo!

We have ambitious plans of exceeding goals in 2019 before us. And we have already scored our first successes! On Friday, we will run a Webinar summarizing the magnificent January 2019 at Lobo 😉 I won’t divulge any details, but I will tell you this: We are on the crest of a wave – or, if you will – on a snowy mountain top, with our skis on 🙂 Good luck in February!

Nowadays, the employer has an extremely difficult task to retain the employee permanently in the organization. Huge economic boom, development of many enterprises and emergence of foreign brands in Poland increase the number of job offers, as well as the demand for qualified specialists.

In addition, due to the fact that today we are dealing with the employee market and the shortage of specialists, recruiters are required to recruit immediately. The consultant responsible for the project is obliged to meet new customer needs, so as to stay ahead of the competition. The bar is constantly raised in relation to recruiters – who will reach the only and the best candidate on the market faster, more efficiently and resolutely.

Each of us has definitely ever participated in the recruitment process and, as we all know, there are several stages of the recruitment process. There are recruitment stages that involve time-consuming work of the recruiter – verification of basic requirements, candidate variables, but also those in which dynamics and extensive knowledge together with the consultant’s experience is part of the daily agenda and is a key aspect in the assessment of a given candidate. If the first stage – the preliminary selection of candidates – could be automated, would this improve efficiency and save working time?

For the person, for whom the recruitment process is a daily bread, initial help during the first selection could have a salutary effect on putting off several hours of work a week. Thanks to the accumulated hours, the recruiter has the opportunity to focus on activities that give a lot of job satisfaction – face-to-face meetings with candidates, surveying on soft skills or conducting advanced recruitment techniques, i.e. the assessment center.

In my opinion, automation is needed in many areas for a long time, while in the life of the recruiter, bot news and artificial intelligence are slowly absorbing the industry, but with a slight moderation and proper management of the recruitment process, they will definitely be a help, not an obstacle. They will help eliminate tedious activities, solve many problems and will lead to the fact that they will quickly catch variables that can be improved in everyday work in HR departments.

It is worth mentioning that (probably) the main mission of using artificial intelligence is to improve and enhance the level of activities, and not taking the current profession away from recruiters.

According to the Poznań tradition, the whole of Poznań is devouring the famous St. Martin’s croissants with a filling made of white poppy, nuts, dried fruits and sour cream, which are baked especially for this occasion and exhibited by tens of bakers.

Lobo Poznań sends Poznań’s traditional St. Martin’s croissants. YUMMY!


That is how we celebrate the successes and birthdays of our employees. The joint trip to the SPA for the weekend was a great opportunity to gather energy for further recruitment activity.Many thanks to Notera Hotel SPA!

Usually we are a very friendly workplace, but on Wednesday… it got a little scary!

These beautiful and talented women in the photo are Klaudia, Sara and Oliwia – Lobo Consultants for special tasks. Experts for whom there are no impossible projects. And together with them – The Pearl of HR – a dream of every recruiter.

All the three ladies were nominated this year in the Consultant of the Yearcategory, in the prestigious competition of Recruiters – The Pearls of HR. Klaudia and Oliwia, for whom the IT sector has no secrets, and Sara, who can find as many linguists as the walls of our customers can only hold.  And now it’s a fact – Lobo was awarded the Pearl!

The Pearl of HR was awarded to Oliwia Kepke for the rapid implementation of a complex IT project which she completed with spectacular success.

Congratulations to the winners – though we are not surprised with the verdict, as we have many true pearls at Lobo.

Were you there? We were!  This is a long story, and one that is full of positive energy. Loads of wonderful and knowledgeable people. Discussions about the market, the search for Employees, the search for Employers and how not to get lost in this labyrinth of offers. A wonderful day!

“How not to lose a man in the crowd – a word about mass recruitment”. What is the recipe for success in mass recruitment? According to Lobo HR, it is the combination of expert knowledge developed over the years, and modern technology. The article written by Lobo HR Operations Director on the use of IT systems in large-volume recruitment can be found in the recently published HR Compendium andon the Lobo website under the tab: Express to the Market.Have a pleasant read!

On September 19-20, the Lobo HR Management met in Ożarów Mazowiecki to do some solid work.

The main slogan of the meeting was: We are changing Lobo for the better“.

The first day we worked conceptually. We discussed current challenges which we meet in many departments every day, we exchanged observations, ideas, the brainstorms struck the whole Ożarów Mazowiecki with many lightning bolts.

The next day, the Branch Managers presented their strategies for the development of their branches in 2019.

These two days were very intense and important in the development of Lobo, and we thank you for them.

There were many mature conclusions, many grand ideas, plenty of serious commitment to make Lobo even better together, and lots of positive energy at that; a proof that “we can reach high”.

15 September 2018 A night. 6 km of running, 30 obstacles. A night in the forest at the Baltic!

Lobo Team fought fiercely and to the end. Olivia and Klaudia took part in the clash.

The Women showed their true strength and character indeed!

19 September 2018 Lobo HR will attend the Conference of Employers of Pomerania and Avalon Solutions. At 11:00 a.m. Maciej Michalewski, President of Lobo HR, will talk about why it is worth working in the cloud and how Google Cloud works in a recruitment agency.


We are genuinely proud to announce that Lobo HR has become a member of the Friendly Recruitment Coalition. This is a very important moment in the development of our company. 

The coalition currently gathers over 350 employers, who approach the recruitment of employees in a very conscious manner, in compliance with the Code of Ethics, the Candidate Experience methodologyand with a strong focus on the needs and expectations of the candidates undergoing the process.

This is another prestigious place in which we found ourselves thanks to the high standards of our consultants’ everyday work. 

Dears – thank you! We wouldn’t be where we are without you!

We started August in an extremely hard-working manner – by moving two Lobo HR branches to new sites.

Both the Warsaw office and the Katowice office have changed their locations. Both the premises, despite the vast space, no longer contained our energetic consultants, numerous candidates visiting us, as well as the willingly invited customers.

Therefore, from August 1 on we invite everyone to the new locations:


Lobo HR – Katowice

ul. Sobieskiego 11/ E 202- 203

40- 082 Katowice

office building – Opal Maksimum


Lobo HR – Warsaw

ul. Senatorska 2

entrance A, first floor

00 – 075 Warsaw

office building – Senatorska Investment

Lobo HR would like to thank Group for celebrating the National HR Day together. A lot of valuable debates, exchange of experience about the challenges of the HR market, and at the same time great fun in the rhythms of samba. Thank you!

In the last week of June, Lobo HR conducted an “Employee Satisfaction Survey”. 95.8 % of the respondents declare that they like the company they work for.The thriving Lobo HR has already achieved many spectacular successes, but this one is by far the biggest!

91.6% of our employees believe that Lobo is a friendly place to work and 85% will confidently recommend Lobo to their friends as a conscious and reliable employer. 91.7% of respondents believe that Lobo cares about the comfort of their work, while 87.5% believe that the atmosphere in the company is conducive to both work, development and fun.

95.8% of our employees believe that Lobo employees are encouraged to share their ideas and that their voice is important and heard.

Dears, thank youfor your numerous participation in the survey. Congratulations to ourselves! Because it is us who make Lobo HR what it is every day!

Logical action, creativity, intense thinking, time pressure, adrenaline and action-integration. We like It! At work and in past-time.

In 2017, companies from the business service sector leased 500,000 sqm. office space, of which as much as 60 percent covered main cities outside the capital city. The rate of untenanted office space in Poland in the first quarter of 2018 amounted to less than 11 percent – This rate fell on all regional markets, but not in Warsaw. Therefore, smaller centers are becoming more and more attractive in the eyes of investors. 

Locations such as Cracow, Wroclaw or the Tri-City start to struggle with increasingly difficult access to employees, so investors see development prospects in such locations as Rzeszów, Lublin and Szczecin, which is becomming more and more popular.

Dear Customers, Dear Candidates,

if you are planning to contact us on Tuesday, 19.06.2018, please do it by 15:30.

Past that time, all Lobo HR employees will be on their way home to support the Polish National Team at the World Cup in front of TV sets.

We wish all Lobo employees wonderful sports emotions! Here’s to victory!

There is growing demand for co-working spaces in our market. Only two years ago, co-working companies occupied about 40,000 sqm. offices in Poland, and now they occupy 10,000 sqm. For comparison, demand for office spaces from the banking and IT sectors is about 400,000 sqm. 

The greatest demand for such centers was and is in London. Currently, this trend reached Warsaw and is slowly taking over major Polish cities.

Co-working spaces are most often the interest of start-ups, but also corporations, which on the one hand want to be close to start-ups, but also have their own teams, which are entrusted with tasks and which do not have to work in stationery offices.

On 09.06.2018, the Lobo HR President Maciej Michalewski said the „YES” word! 

The wedding ceremony took place in the beautiful surroundings of nature in Susz, in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship.

Mr. and Mrs. Michalewski are currently resting from work, while the employees and friends of Lobo HR are sending their heartfelt congratulations and the best wishes of joy, happiness and success in achieving our common goals.

It is assumed that by 2030, even 800 million people around the world will lose their jobs due to the automation of work processes. Machines are more efficient, cheaper than people and less likely to be wrong.

Automation with the use of artificial intelligence algorithms will cover many office and legal professions(for SI, the analysis of agreements will not be a problem), and even medical professions,with the profession of doctor-radiologist at the forefront. Many professions will disappear, and will be replaced by others.

It will be necessary to develop a social structure in which new activities will occur and the national income wil be divided differently than now.

The recently published Nationwide Employee Job-Satisfaction Survey, prepared by Leanpassion, contains information that 41 percent of Poles will changethe workplace within the the next 12 months.Staff fluctuation is therefore a real problem for many companies. Dismissals of employees are more often caused by conflicts with the boss and the team, than remuneration issues.

Dear Moms and Dads,

On Friday, your children celebrate Children’s Day!

On this occasion, we would like to give you two hours for the Family 🙂 So, on Friday – June 1,  all of our Moms and Dads at Lobo, will finish their work at 2pm.

Also, we are sending gifts to Majka, Amelia, Ala, Szymuś, Julka, Mateusz, Krzyś, Arek, Dominika, Mikołaj, Mia and Julcia  – the coolest ones we could find 🙂

We wish all of the Lobo kids and their parents nothing but carefree moments, joy and fun 🙂 Happy Children’s Day!

The Polish HR Forum has just published the report summarizing the activity of key employment agencies on the Polish market in 2017. The report discusses a kind of revolution being experienced by the employment agency industry, shows the dynamic development of the employment agency, but also indicates the increase in the market’s interest in recruitment and HR services. This year, Lobo HR appeared among opinion-forming companies. On behalf of Lobo, the Operations Director, Sylwia Chwastyk-Kolasa commented on the positive market trends in the field of mass recruitment. Lobo recorded a clear increase in interest in these services in the SSC/BPO, IT and retail sectors.

The summary report for 2017, published by the Polish HR Forum, shows that the employment agency industry is experiencing a kind of revolution. More than 1.2 million people found job in Poland through the employment agency in 2017, which is an indicator higher than in the previous year.


In 2017, as many as 8361 employment agencies operated on the market, which is 12% more than in the previous year, and the number of both employment agencies and the demand for temporary work services are growing dynamically. The value of the Polish employment market increased in 2017 by 6% and is estimated at PLN 7.3 billion.

Lobo is a company of people with passion, charisma and character! This is how last Saturday was spent by the Lobo Team 🙂

Here, ready to take off, still clean and satisfied.

Below in the heat of battle. There is nothing like rolling around in the mud.

Iza, is it you? On this “fence”?! You have always successfully climbed to the top!

And here, saving the President of Lobo! Help! Maciej got stuck in the tires! Girls professionally “dragged” the Boss – he recovers to this day 🙂

We are the Champions! This is us – the Lobo Team! The team of people with passion, charisma and character!

Career EXPO job fairs in Poznań, held yesterday, allowed participants to learn how to set a course for success and how to steer their career.

Lobo was represented at the event by Róża Konopa and Kasia Harkot.

Our consultants were eager to talk about recruitment in the IT industry, they gave tips on how to become more visible on industry-specific portals and how to write a professional CV, although they claim that you mainly asked about whom Employers in the region searched for currently.

If you have any questions regarding this matter or wish to know about Lobo job offers in Poznań – contact us at

On April 11th in Wrocław Career EXPO job fairs were held, advertised as the most effective recruitment event in the region. During the fairs participants could make recruitment contacts job candidate – employer, but also increase their competence and skills thanks to taking part in numerous trainings, lectures and speeches. Success stories of the CEOs of the largest companies, that is stories about their road (planned) to make their dreams come true, were what attracted particular interest.

Lobo HR Wrocław Team was among the event participants as well.

If you did not manage to talk to Lobo experts during the fairs, but you dream about having your personal career plan, want to change something in your professional life, need a consultant who will tell you about the current labour market situation, Lobo HR Wrocław Team will welcome you every day from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM at 55F Legnicka Street, room 11. Make sure to bring your CV 🙂

Lobo HR consultants and GoldenLine employees had an opportunity to hold a series of workshops, where we exchanged observations on modern recruitment and difficult ways to find talents in the labour market.

During the workshops, Lobo consultants were learning how to make their search for candidates as simple as possible, how to use logical operators and how to avoid getting lost in the virtual world.

With us, GoldenLine employees certainly saw that recruitment with passion and a brilliant use of innovative technologies at work were possible, and they felt what having great fun while learning means :).

Ala and Kasia, we report that we achieve brilliant effects using all possible operators – both logical and illogical :). Thank you!

On 10 March, the IT Career Fair was held in Gdańsk. Present at the event were not only programmers and testers researching the market and looking for job opportunities, but also Lobo HR consultants, who actively cooperate with the IT industry on a daily basis.

During the fair, Klaudia and Iza participated in lectures introducing into the world of programming, presented current job offers which are at Lobo’s disposal and eagerly established contacts with other participants.

If you attended the fair but failed to notice the Lobo consultants, you can contact us directly to send your CV, discuss trends in the IT industry or exchange observations concerning the labour market.

Do not hesitate to contact us at:;

On 9 March, a meeting of the BSS sector was held in Gdańsk. Lobo HR was represented by Izabella Trochim – a recruitment specialist who supports our clients in recruitment of employees for Shared Services Centres on a daily basis.

Currently, the Pomerania Province is the most attractive location in Poland when it comes to employment. In the TripAdvisor ranking of “Top Destinations on the Rise”, Gdańsk emerged as the winner.

In the Best-Performing Cities in Europe ranking, Gdańsk earned fourth place, and in the world ranking it came in fifth.

Yesterday, the Lobo HR team has gained a new family member. Our colleague Sonia, who works in the Gdynia branch, gave birth to a beautiful daughter!

Everyone in Lobo HR kept their fingers tightly crossed, and today the happy news spread around our company. Congratulations to the happy parents: may little Mia bring a lot of happiness into your life! And welcome to the world, young lady! Grow up healthy and play as much as you can! 🙂

For a while now, the IT market has been an employee’s market. There are fewer and fewer candidates in relation to the ever-increasing needs. Nowadays, software developers stay at one company for an average of 2 years. It is anticipated that the time will shorten even further, down to as few as 6 months!

In order to acquire and retain talents at an organisation, companies try to outdo each other when offering employee benefits, although these benefits are slowly losing their original importance. Employers who subsidise babysitters or weddings of their employees are no longer an exception. When choosing their employer, candidates from the IT sector place ever-greater value on participation in interesting and challenging projects, good communication within the company – especially between supervisors and subordinates – as well as the opportunity to shape their own growth and the growth of the company.

On 6 and 7 February, a conference joining the perspectives of IT and HR under the banner of “Managing IT teams” was held at the Copernicus Science Centre. The event was fully dedicated to acquisition, motivation and retention of IT specialists. The matter was addressed not only by HR directors, but also by heads of technology departments. Naturally, Lobo HR was also there, including our president, Maciej Michalczewski.

Maciej eagerly shared our experience in the field of IT recruitment, talked about the market challenges and dangers which we have observed over the years active work with this sector, and organized another “Lobo Conference” right after returning , but this time in the place where brainstorming yields the best ideas – namely in the Lobo HR kitchen.

After such an exciting session of exchanging views, good practices and creative ideas, the Lobo Professional IT Team immediately went into action because we care about IT!

Workers used to associate Tricity mainly with long-awaited holidays. The next associations were shipyards and the fish industry. What is the situation now? When we mention Gdynia, Gdańsk and Sopot, we think of office buildings and foreign investments with increasing frequency. We also think of the SSC/BPO sector. Why is that?

HR potential:

  • Gdańsk metropolitan area: 463,754
  • Gdynia metropolitan area: 246,991
  • Pomerania Province: 2,300,000 inhabitants
  • In a 100-kilometre radius: approx. 2,500,000 inhabitants/

Offer of the real estate market:

  • office space: 151,000 m2 (in 2016)
  • under construction: 150,400 m2
  • rent: EUR 12.75–13.5 per square metre per month

An ideal location:

  • Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport: 10 km from the centre of Gdańsk and Sopot, travel time: approx. 10 minutes; 23 km from the centre of Gdynia, travel time: approx. 24 mins
  • Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway – from Kartuzy to Gdynia Główna (stops next to the airport in Gdańsk)
  • Fast Urban Railway – within Tricity and beyond (up to 82 km, Gdynia Główna–Gdańsk Wrzeszcz–Gdańsk Port Lotniczy–Borkowo–Kościerzyna)
  • tram, trolleybus and bus lines

Great connections with European Airports such as:

  • Frankfurt (FRA) – travel time: 1 hr 35 mins
  • Munich (MUC) – travel time: 1 hr 35 mins
  • Copenhagen (CPH) – travel time: 1 hr 35 mins
  • Warsaw (WAW) – travel time: 55 mins
  • Stockholm (NYO) – travel time: 1 hr 15 mins
  • Oslo (OSL) – travel time: 1 hr 25 mins
  • Krakow (KRK) – travel time: 1 hr 20 mins
  • London (STN) – travel time: 2 hrs 10 mins.

Investor Support:

  • Business Incubator – Gdańsk Business Incubator “STARTER” and Gdańsk Academic Business Incubator (GABI), Gdynia Business Incubator
  • Gdańsk City Hall – Partnership and Business Centre
  • Gdynia City Hall – Investor Development and Service Department, Gdynia Centre for Business Support.

Investors – BCC:

  • number of BPO/ITO/SSC/R&D centres: 120
  • employees in the sector in 2017: 21,000
  • employment growth in the years 2016–2017: 2,500

It was not only foreign investors who noticed the potential of Katowice. Lobo HR is already here! In the centre of Katowice, at 11 Sobieskiego Street, 2nd floor, CD 211 venue. Every day, we support employers in their search for new talents for their organizations. Every day, we show talents the way straight to our clients’ companies.

Dear employer, if you are looking for the best employee – look no further, we have already found one for you! Dear employee, if you are looking for a great job , our doors are open to you – come and see us because the job is looking for you even as we speak!