Future Manager Alliance


Future Manager Alliance is the first Global Recruitment company specialized in the executive search. FMA is an entity consisting of recruitment companies that are co-shareholders. FMA is not a club of companies grouped by a membership.


As the FMA exclusive partner in Poland we can provide retained recruiting services to those foreign companies seeking to operate in Poland, as well International companies seeking to expand to other countries.
We can provide solutions for international development by connecting your business with our recruiting partners spanning five different continents and 35+ countries worldwide.
Our worldwide presence enables us to find candidates across the globe. We offer a global service with local expertise; we can be your contact point for the United States, Europe, Asia or Middle East, from your HQ anywhere in the world, as well as a partner for the local HR department.

How we can help locally in Poland

As FMA Poland we have the ability to provide:

  • Retained search services
  • Employment Outsourcing
  • Consulting service to enter the Polish market

1. Candidate search service is our core business since 2010. Through our recruitment activity Employers are provided with the best candidate offers in the shortest time possible.

We implement this goal through using the most efficient methods and technologies, expert knowledge of the labor market, experience and skills of our consultants.We are looking for candidates for specialist and executive positions mainly by direct search /executive search, informally known as headhunting.

Direct (executive) search is a method of reaching Candidates fit for the position directly. Thanks to this technique our Partners receive access to a new group of Candidates who usually do not respond to job offers, are usually professionally active and who always meet the requirements specified upfront by Our Partners.

High professional standards require a selection of Candidates to be preceded by testing soft and hard competences. We apply different methods such as behavioral interview, tests, tasks as well as an assessment center.

Our Partners receive from us offers only from verified candidates fit for individual needs and business strategies.We save time. We complete the recruitment process fast and thoroughly thanks to the knowledge and experience of our consultants and the use of innovative IT technologies. Our Partners have access to the original and innovative system of recruitment projects management by FMA Poland, which minimizes the need to use e-mail and telephone communication while the cooperation is easy, clear and very effective for all parties.

Try out our support. We guarantee that you will become our satisfied Partner.

2. Employment outsourcing consists in delegating to FMA Poland duties connected with hiring and payroll services to people employed by our Partners or providing services to our Partners. This kind of cooperation brigs lots of benefits to employers which include:

  • Savings from delegating to FMA Poland tasks connected with searching for (optionally), hiring and payroll services which allows the employer to shift resources to implementing key business processes.
  • Remuneration on the basis of VAT invoice without the need to create a job position.
  • Deferred payment and crediting of employers’ obligations.
  • Professional payroll services and transfer of responsibility for these tasks to FMA Poland.
  • Possibility of trying out employees before hiring them (Try & Hire).
  • Possibility of using flexible forms of employment like temporary employment contract, contract of mandate or a contract with a sole proprietor.
  • Flexible increasing and decreasing of the number of employees, immediate filling of vacancies caused by holidays, dismissals, seasonal work etc.

3. We specialize in providing in-depth consulting services to international companies seeking to establish or expand in the Polish market. Our guidance is based on our entrepreneurial experience in Poland and the experience of our clients; it is practical and concrete, free from unrealistic or expensive theories. Legal assistance, labor market analysis and partner’s identification is the most frequently required service.

You are welcome to contact our consultant, get the details and find answers to all your questions. We are also proud to be able to provide multiple and excellent recommendations from our clients based on many years of practice.

Currently, we are presence in more than 30 countries.
Our goal is to reach 50 countries by 2022.