Chatterbots in recruitment – new trends and prospects for HR function development?

Nowadays, the employer has an extremely difficult task to retain the employee permanently in the organization. Huge economic boom, development of many enterprises and emergence of foreign brands in Poland increase the number of job offers, as well as the demand for qualified specialists.

In addition, due to the fact that today we are dealing with the employee market and the shortage of specialists, recruiters are required to recruit immediately. The consultant responsible for the project is obliged to meet new customer needs, so as to stay ahead of the competition. The bar is constantly raised in relation to recruiters – who will reach the only and the best candidate on the market faster, more efficiently and resolutely.

Each of us has definitely ever participated in the recruitment process and, as we all know, there are several stages of the recruitment process. There are recruitment stages that involve time-consuming work of the recruiter – verification of basic requirements, candidate variables, but also those in which dynamics and extensive knowledge together with the consultant’s experience is part of the daily agenda and is a key aspect in the assessment of a given candidate. If the first stage – the preliminary selection of candidates – could be automated, would this improve efficiency and save working time?

For the person, for whom the recruitment process is a daily bread, initial help during the first selection could have a salutary effect on putting off several hours of work a week. Thanks to the accumulated hours, the recruiter has the opportunity to focus on activities that give a lot of job satisfaction – face-to-face meetings with candidates, surveying on soft skills or conducting advanced recruitment techniques, i.e. the assessment center.

In my opinion, automation is needed in many areas for a long time, while in the life of the recruiter, bot news and artificial intelligence are slowly absorbing the industry, but with a slight moderation and proper management of the recruitment process, they will definitely be a help, not an obstacle. They will help eliminate tedious activities, solve many problems and will lead to the fact that they will quickly catch variables that can be improved in everyday work in HR departments.

It is worth mentioning that (probably) the main mission of using artificial intelligence is to improve and enhance the level of activities, and not taking the current profession away from recruiters.