The Pearls of HR for Lobo HR!

These beautiful and talented women in the photo are Klaudia, Sara and Oliwia – Lobo Consultants for special tasks. Experts for whom there are no impossible projects. And together with them – The Pearl of HR – a dream of every recruiter.

All the three ladies were nominated this year in the Consultant of the Yearcategory, in the prestigious competition of Recruiters – The Pearls of HR. Klaudia and Oliwia, for whom the IT sector has no secrets, and Sara, who can find as many linguists as the walls of our customers can only hold.  And now it’s a fact – Lobo was awarded the Pearl!

The Pearl of HR was awarded to Oliwia Kepke for the rapid implementation of a complex IT project which she completed with spectacular success.

Congratulations to the winners – though we are not surprised with the verdict, as we have many true pearls at Lobo.