Sylwia Chwastyk-Kolasa in Lobo HR!

For many of you Sylwia Chwastyk-Kolasa needs no introduction. For those who don’t know yet that Sylwia is one of the most appreciated and experienced professionals in the market, it will be enough to mention Sylwia’s competences. Several years of experience in HR industry gained systematically by working both for smaller companies as well as for branches of international corporations. When combined with immense scope of knowledge, great business acumen and limitless resources of positive energy which she passes to others and with which she motivates people to do better it produces a specialist who makes the implementation of strategic objectives much easier.

The main position taken by Sylwia will be the role of the Operational Director of Lobo HR. It has been designed to allow Sylwia to actively support the whole process of the company growth and to delegate the responsibility for the company development to Sylwia. The Branch Managers from all cities whit Lobo HR’s presence will be those who will start direct cooperation with Sylwia. The success of trainings organised as part of Recruiter Academy and Manger Academy platforms will be credited to hard work and skills of our new operation director. Her duties will also include every day support for sales activities, implementation of good practices and establishing new branches of Lobo HR. We are sure that her rich experience in SSC/BPO will prove key element of successful entry into this market. At the same time Sylwia will be responsible for building our structures in Katowice and Kraków.

Expanding the Lobo HR team by employing a person with such competences and so great experience is an important event in the history of the company. As an organization we are sure that Sylwia’s knowledge, energy and skills will be a positive stimulus for all employees to act and that in the near future we will witness changes initiated by hiring such a specialist. Sylwia, congratulations on your joining Lobo HR!