We Are a TEAM. Teamness Survey at Lobo

No company’s success is possible without its people’s success. No team’s success is possible without Teams.

Lobo HR has carried out a Teamness Survey among its Employees. 

100% of Lobo Employees find the atmosphere in their teams to be very good! Our employees simply like each other:)

We are all dedicated to building our common Lobo, we share common goals and believe in our Superiors.

Lobo Employees know how to stimulate and support one another. But most of all, they are very committed to their everyday work and to the work of their teams.

Dear guys, thanks a lot for taking part in the survey.

Thank you for you everyday commitment and splendid work. It is you who make Lobo such a wonderful place to work at and such a great company.

Leading such teams is a real honour and a great pleasure!

Well done, Lobo!